Lower School

Pre-K and Kindergarten
Students enjoy learning on the iPads

Students enjoy learning on the iPads

The program follows the Core Knowledge Sequence which contains established guidelines for meeting the cognitive, social, and physical needs of young children. For a complete overview of the Core Knowledge Sequence, click here.



1st Grade examining owl pellets

  First through Fourth Grade

For example, first grade students become authors and third grade students dissect fetal pigs as a culmination of their human anatomy unit.  The second grade classroom is turned into “Space Camp” as the culmination of a unit on space exploration.  And fourth graders bring their reading of Treasure Island to life through an overnight camping and treasure hunt.

Students incorporate technology into all their core subjects as they explore word processing, keyboarding, and the use of software.  Music classes foster an appreciation of different styles of music, understanding of musical notation, and experiences in playing a variety of rhythm instruments.  Art education teaches the elements and principles of design and fosters critical analysis skills.  Students are taught conflict resolution to help them deal effectively with their peers during Project Panther, as teachers lead activities dealing with bullying, self-esteem, and drug awareness.  Celebrations from student’s faith traditions are welcomed as appropriate to the seasons in religious studies classes.

4th Grade journeys overnight when they read “Treasure Island”

Realizing the unique needs of the fourth grade student, the year is one of transformation.  Receiving grades, attending an overnight experience, and participating in student-led parent-teacher conferences are all part of the fourth grade experience.  Students are led by a single homeroom teacher and are taught by all enrichment teachers.  They are invited to participate in choir and are included in the Duke Talent Identification Program.  Fourth grade gives students a time to grow, but also time to remain in an environment that is nurturing and encouraging.


Students sign the Honor Code at the beginning of each school year


St. Paul’s is an Episcopal Day School, and the spiritual development of our children is of great importance. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday the Pre-K through 8th grade begin the day with chapel services that focus on how we live and relate to each other in our community.