Middle School


At St. Paul’s, middle school begins in fifth grade.  Students are blended into a departmental setting with core subjects: language arts, math, social studies, and science.  In fifth grade, Latin and Spanish are added and students begin to work with different teachers for each subject.

Music, art, religious studies, technology, physical education, and outdoor education round out the week.  In seventh and eighth grades, students study physical science, biology, pre-algebra, and Algebra 1; courses they are likely to encounter when they enter high school.

Opportunities in the arts abound at St. Paul’s.  The walls are filled with the works of our young artists, and the sounds of handbells from our ensembles can be heard throughout the buildings.

Technology is a major component to our curriculum with faculty infusing our state-of-the-art media lab into the classrooms.  Technology teachers also utilze our media lab to develop the students’ skills in the rapidly-changing high-tech world.

Students help teach a computer training class to seniors during “Paws to Work”

Student Outreach and Service Learning

“Paws” to Work
Students collaborating to build a vertical garden for the Little Saints during their weekly "Paws to Work" period

Students collaborating to build a vertical garden for the Little Saints during their weekly “Paws to Work” period

“Paws” to Work is our unique middle school program that puts into practice the school’s commitment to sustainability.  Every Friday afternoon students are divided among five committees: gardening, campus beautification, composting, recycling, and senior citizen computer training class.  With faculty serving as mentors, students rotate groups throughout the year and learn the importance of taking pride in their school and giving back to their community.

Our curriculum is rigorous, but our approach is still one that respects, guides, and nurtures these young people at this most impressionable time in their lives.






St. Paul’s is an Episcopal Day School, and the spiritual development of our children is of great importance. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday the Pre-K through 8th grade begin the day with chapel services that focus on how we live and relate to each other in our community.

Parents and friends are encouraged to attend these brief services. Special chapel events, including school Eucharist celebrations, are listed on the school calendar. If your child participates in a chapel, you are notified either through an email or on Edline. In addition, all middle school chapels are held periodically on Wednesdays in place of the Advisor/Advisee meeting.

8th graders challenge themselves and each other during their annual North Carolina Outward Bound Trip


 8th Grade Curriculum and Program Highlights

  • Algebra
  • Accelerated pace in subjects like language arts
  • Every student takes two foreign languages (Latin and Spanish)
  • Fall trip to North Carolina (seven days in the mountains hiking, white water rafting, camping, rock climbing)
  • Spring trip to a Southern city of cultural significance as part of their social studies unit on Civil Rights. In the past, students have visited cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham, and Memphis.
  • Service Learning – projects include Habitat for Humanity, City Park, Hike for KaTreena, and more!
  • Event Planning and Management – students must budget their own events including
  • Annual 8th Grade Play – every student has a singing and acting part in the 8th grade play.  Students choreograph their own musical numbers and design and build their own set.