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Men's Club

Men's Club Officers

Jason Kithas, President
Larry Maitrejean, Vice President
Ramon Gonzalez, Treasurer
Stephen Boue, Secretary
Mike Swiatkiewicz, Membership Coordinator
Ian Townley, Church Liason
Chris Chopin, Ex-Officio

Dear St. Paul's Community: 

While this will only be our third year with the school since moving to New Orleans in 2017, it feels like we’ve been here all along.  This is thanks to the school’s wonderful staff, families and kids that make St. Paul’s school a joy to support and be around. I’m incredibly honored to have been asked to be the Men’s Club President and I am looking forward to another wonderful year of helping to make the upcoming school year a memorable one for the kids.

I’m confident this year will be a great one, as the Men's Club is blessed with an incredible group of guys that support the school. Previous leaders have stuck around to continue to support the group too, which removes quite a bit of stress for me, and allows the group to continuously improve our events – especially the big golf tournament this November.

There are many ways and several opportunities to help. If you have never been involved with the Men’s Club and are unsure how to get involved or if you doubt how you can support the school, I will tell you this: there are many things that we do and lots of activities throughout the year. I guarantee there is a way for you to use one of your skills to support the school. Yes, it appears daunting with all that is required, but there are more great men than tasks and we will be successful and have a fun time as well. So, come out to the first meeting and meet the group, I know you’ll have a fun time and be welcomed just as much as I was a few years ago.

I’d like to thank a few select men who have committed to support the club as well as highlight some of the great and fun activities planned again this year – see below.

2019-2020 Officers

President – Jason Kithas 

Vice Pres. – Larry Maitrejean 

Secretary- Stephen Bouie

Treasurer – Ramón González

Membership Coordinator - Mike Swiatkiewicz 

Church Liaison – Ian Townley

Ex-Officio - Chris Chopin 

Important Dates 

Aug 23 - Sno-ball Social at dismissal 

Sep 12 - 1st Men's Club Meeting 

Oct 12 - 31 - Pumpkin Patch 

Oct 17 - 2nd Men's Club Meeting 

Oct 19 - Fall Fest 

Nov 15 - Golf Tournament 

Nov 26 - Prep for Thanksgiving Feast

Jan 25 - Rock-N-Bowl 

March 21 - St. Paul's Gala 

May 9th - Movie Night 

Again, please come out to our first meeting and see how you can support the school, where even just a short commitment can make an impact. Feel free to reach out to me or any of the officers if you have any questions or ideas on how you can support the school. This is going to be another awesome year at St. Paul’s, I can feel it.

Jason Kithas, 2019-2020 Men's Club President


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