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Sustainability & Service Learning

St. Paul's prides itself on being a familial educational community with a dedication toward integrating service and sustainability education.

Service learning and sustainability education work hand in hand as vital components of our educational philosophy. Experiential learning opportunities focus on dedication toward helping others through service learning, as well as an emphasis on our students’ understanding of the need for environmental, economic, and cultural sustainability in our school, neighborhood, city, state, national and even international communities.

All students at St. Paul’s, age 2 through 8th grade, experience learning through service to others by participating in community service and service learning programs. Our amazingly creative students wrote, produced and starred in their very own music video to highlight their work:

Our students annually perform more than 6,000 collective hours of service learning and community service.


Each of our St. Paul’s Sustainability Standards includes a list of “desired habits of mind,” such as empathy, awareness of the needs of others, willingness to take action, the ability to communicate effectively, and to work collaboratively.


St. Paul’s received the following commendations from the Reaccreditation Visiting Committee of SAES/ISAS:

Service Learning—Service learning is woven into the fabric of St. Paul’s Episcopal School. The inclusive and comprehensive approach is internal and external, inter-generational and varied, and provides many opportunities for students to teach and assist students.

Sustainability—The commitment to sustainability provides a distinctive dimension to the School. Sustainability is admirably incorporated into the life of the School and is a signature dimension of St. Paul’s.

Community Resilience—The rebirth and resurrection of St. Paul’s Episcopal School since 2005 is remarkable and inspiring. The Committee commends all St. Paul’s constituencies for the perseverance, particularly administrators, teachers, and families who returned to rebuild the School after Katrina. The administration and Board of Trustees have provided effective leadership and stewardship during this recovery process. The spirit of generosity and volunteerism in the St. Paul’s community was incalculably important in this regard.

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