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Financial Aid

Financial Aid is offered to students in Pre-K through 8th Grade.  

Admission decisions are made prior to and independent of consideration of financial need. Financial awards are intended to meet as much of the identified need as possible within the limits of the larger pool. To apply for financial assistance, the family should complete the financial aid package from Independent School Management. The FAST (Financial Aid for School tuition) website is Please follow all instructions on this site to insure an accurate assessment of financial need. All financial aid awards are held in strict confidence and are considered confidential. Awards can be forfeited if the information is not held confidential by the recipient. All forms must be submitted before decisions can be made. Additional assistance may be available to African – American families though the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana’s Gaudet Scholarship Program. If you are interested in applying for the Gaudet Scholarship Fund, please check the appropriate block on the FAST application. An additional application is not needed. The FAST application is also required for the Gaudet program.