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Message from the Head of School

The St. Paul's Way

St. Paul's has an important philosophy and mission, an individual style, an academic and spiritual direction which is the essence of all that is St. Paul's – we call it the St. Paul's Way. Our school community knows exactly what it is. It is how we learn, work, and play each day. St. Paul's children can tell you that to include everyone in their play is of the utmost importance and this is “The St. Paul's Way.” Our students know that each day they will be challenged in the classroom, where it is safe to explore, take risks, and gain confidence, that they will learn by doing and that they will be reaching for the highest level of learning. That too, is the St. Paul's Way.

At St. Paul's we believe that fostering life-long learning and academic success require the ability to think critically, demonstrate good character, communicate effectively and collaborate with others as future leaders of tomorrow. Our programs ensure that St. Paul's students will meet these goals. The St. Paul's Way means that educating for sustainability is intentionally woven throughout the curriculum because we believe this knowledge is integral to global citizenship. We build a solid foundation in the core subjects, especially in Lower School, through hands-on activities and real life applications. The Middle School curriculum is rigorous, and the St. Paul's approach is one that respects and nurtures middle school students.

The spiritual development of our children is vitally important as we teach children to be empathetic and respectful of all beliefs. When faced with a peer conflict, St. Paul's students will have learned the many possible ways to solve that conflict, and they will have practiced them with teacher and peer help.

We are a school which celebrates the individual while remembering that we are indeed a family. And as a family our middle school students are excellent role models for our lower school students. Each student takes care of his/her Panther Pal for the year. This, too, is our way.

Thank you for visiting our website. We have so much more to tell you about this school that we love. I hope your interest will lead you to personally discover the St. Paul's Way. We would love to welcome you into the family.

Charleen Schwank, Head of School