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Our St. Paul's Groovy Gala was a great success. 
We broke records and raised $106,000! 
Thanks to YOU, we will be able to purchase a new 
St. Paul's branded bus for our children. 
Thank You, Co-Chairs
Lauren Magee, Jena Weinstock, and Nicole Villemarette 
Gala Gals
Lynn Kithas 
Lisa Plaia 
Audrey Smolik 
Kimberly Johnson 
Shaye Duffy 
Christie Weidemann 
Diana Peterson 
Vinie Klein 
Lisa Mcpherson 
Jennifer Yaconi 
Kellie Camelford 
Julie Gallois 
Aja Mipro 
Vanessa Flores 
Angelle Dicharry 
Olivia Blanchard
Thank you for your support of the St. Paul's Groovy Gala! 
There is something truly special about our St. Paul's community. 
Thank you again for smiling, dancing, eating, drinking, and bidding!