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Emergency Info

At the beginning of each school year St. Paul’s will send a phone message to parents’ cell phone numbers delivering information needed to opt-in to receive text messages from St. Paul’s. To opt-in: text the word Alert to 22300. If you have a text message plan, these messages will be included in that plan; otherwise, standard text message charges apply. Once you have opted in, please add this alert phone number to your contact list.

Emergency School Closing / Evacuation


Campus Emergency

The school will evacuate to St. Dominic’s, 775 Harrison Avenue, in the event that an emergency evacuation is called during the school day.

City-Wide Emergency

Parents should watch and listen to WWL-TV and radio for school closing information. In the event of a city-wide emergency that requires school closing and / or evacuation, the school will communicate evacuation, school closing, and school re-opening information to parents through all available means, including telephone broadcasts, email, and the school website.  In the event of a school closing or evacuation, parents should make every effort to check the school website as well as their voicemail and email for updates from the school.  It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the school has current contact information.

  • The school’s email and web page have been out-sourced and will not go down in the event of an evacuation.
  • In the event of an emergency, pertinent information will be posted on the school’s website.
  • St. Paul’s has contracted with OneCallNow, an emergency response system that will call or text parents with emergency information.
  • When evacuating from home, students should take all books and uniforms with them.