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Parents Association

Parents Association Officers

Malin Maitrejean, President
Maggie Merrill, Vice President
Candace Seipel, Treasurer
Catt Courtney, Church Liaison

August, 2019

On behalf of the St. Paul’s Parents Association, I would like to welcome our new families and welcome returning families back for the 2019-2020 school year! 

I am honored and excited to serve as this year’s Parents Association President. My husband Larry and I have been part of the St. Paul’s community since 2013, when our sons, Anders started Kindergarten and Colin Pre-K.  Anders will now be entering 6th grade and Colin 5th grade. 

As part of the St. Paul’s community, you are automatically part of the Parents Association.  There are no registration fees or dues. The purpose of the Parents Association is to facilitate communication and strengthen the school community by coordinating activities and events. It organizes parent volunteers to sponsor fundraising events, creates opportunities for parents to get to know one another, and provides hospitality at school functions.  

We invite you to attend our meetings so that you can learn about the different events that the association sponsors and develop relationships with other parents and the faculty and staff at St. Paul’s. We have been lucky to have a dedicated group of parents whose commitment and volunteerism have enriched the school.   

Last year, we invited some guest speakers to attend our meetings.  I think those who attended would agree that we gained some great insight from listening to recent St. Paul’s graduates explain how their 8th grade experience at St. Paul’s set them up for success in high school. We plan to continue these informational presentations at this year’s meetings.

The Parents Association will again support fundraisers such as Christmas Greens, Scrip Gift Cards and Box Tops.  Funds that are raised are used to sponsor the Opening Coffee, the ever-popular City Park Fun Night, as well as upgrades to the facility which have included acquiring new technology and the addition of canopies to the playground. Your ideas, talent and participation in the Parents Association make these things happen. There are many ways to get involved at St. Paul’s, and your child’s experience will be enhanced by your participation. Lastly, free childcare and pizza is provided at the meetings. 

I am looking forward to another wonderful year at St. Paul’s.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or ideas that you would like to share.  Your involvement is always appreciated. 

Malin Maitrejean

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