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Parents Association

Parents Association Officers

LIsa Plaia, President
Amy Fontenot, Vice President
Candace Seipel, Treasurer
Rebecca Latham, Recording Secretary
Sabrina Lord, Corresponding Secretary
Jennifer Sullivan, New Parent Liaison
Laura Akers, Church Liaison

Hello! On behalf of the St. Paul’s Parents Association, I’d like to welcome back our families and extend a special welcome to our new families for the 2017-2018 school year! I hope you are having a fun and memorable summer!

I love St. Paul’s and have been a part of the St. Paul’s community for a decade. I am the wife of Peter, 1987 alum, and we have two daughters, Petra entering 7th grade and Carolina entering 3rd grade.

As a parent or guardian of a child in our school, you are automatically part of the Parents Association! No registration or payment of dues is required. Yay! The purpose of the Parents Association is to facilitate communication and strengthen the school community by coordinating activities and events. It organizes parent volunteers to sponsor fundraising events, creates opportunities for parents to get to know one another, and provides hospitality at school functions.

Playing an active role in the school allows you to understand how the school operates, and it’s also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Your contribution of energy, moxie and insight will enrich our school and help make it a better place. There are many ways to get involved at St. Paul’s, and your child’s experience will be enhanced by your participation. The Parents Association is the gateway to all volunteer activities. We welcome and encourage you to attend the meetings and to get involved with one or more of our fundraising events or volunteer opportunities. Free childcare is provided at the meetings! 

I look forward to a great school year! Your input and involvement are always appreciated. Please reach out to me via phone or email with any questions, comments, ideas, etc.

Click here for more information on Parents Association fundraisers.

Lisa Plaia