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Character Education

Project Panther

On Wednesday mornings our lower school students (Pre-K – 4th grade) participate in the award-winning Project Panther program. Project Panther is a character development program directed by Ms. Charleen Schwank, our Head of School, which guides children through age-appropriate activities dealing with conflict resolution, bullying, alcohol and drug awareness, and other topics as needed.


Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Program at St. Paul's takes students on a journey of discovery. Students learn about each person's unique nature and its potential for giving, loving, and problem solving. They see themselves as part of creation, a family, ever - widening communities, and ultimately the Sacred Story of Covenant and Salvation. They have the opportunity to learn about the Judeo - Christian scriptures in depth, delving not only into its history and context, but also the genres of story, law, poetry, proverbs, and letters these books contain. St. Paul's students become famliar with the traditions and practices of Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. By eighth grade, they are ready to put their values and goals into words in a personal mission statement, learn how to use those values to make ethical decisions, and finally apply all this to current ethical delimmas.


The Feast of St. Lucy Eucharist Celebration


Parents are invited to join students in the church on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for Pre-K through 8th grade chapel at 7:55 AM. Every school year has a chapel theme, with each month covering a sub - theme. Each grade will lead a chapel based on the theme of the month. Little Saints 2s and 3s have chapel every Friday in the Solomon Chapel. Euchrist is celebrated by the school as a whole a few times a year.


Panther Pride Advisory

The advisor/advisee period on Wednesday mornings allows for middle-school homeroom teachers to discuss subjects relevant to the middle school students. We also schedule alcohol and drug awareness classes with outside professionals for middle-school students as well as sex education instruction led by St. Paul’s staff members. Middle school students also have a special chapel service once a month.